Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The First Day of School

Yesterday was the First Day of School. Oakleigh is now in the 5th grade and would not let me take any good pictures of her.Oakleigh's schedule is still pretty much the same. She has A & B days, just like a high school student, P.E., Math, English and History one day. Then Music, Spanish, Science and Art the next day.
Noah is now in 3rd grade. His schedule is not quite as hard as Oakleigh's he has the same classes, but stays with the same teacher for three or four of his major classes and then switches for the rest. Oakleigh was not that lucky in 3rd grade, she is in what I like to call the Guinea pig class where they see if it works on them and if it doesn't they switch it, Oakleigh had the A-B schedule in 3rd. When Noah walked into his new class room yesterday a group of girls started shouting in excitement that Noah was in there class. It was pretty funny. When I was at the school later that day I found Noah in the lunch room with a group of girls around him. ( See picture above) I guess he his still a ladies man.
Izabelle started Kindergarten, she was so excited. She wanted to be in the P.M., so she could sleep in. She is such a cutie in that uniform.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Classic Skating

We went to Classic Skating yesterday with my sister Harmonie and her kids. Classic had a huge blow up toy area where the kids spent most of there time playing. Harmonie and I just sat and talked the whole time, while the kids ran wild. ( My camera was low on juice so all my pics turned out pretty horrible.)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Bees Game Continued

Aunt Breana and her boyfriend Tanner
Noah bugging Aunt Breana with his foam finger.
Tanner giving it right back to him.
Tanner taking it to the face
Tanner shaking it off and Noah thinking he is pretty funny
Noah really wanted me to post these pictures of the "FOAM FINGER FIGHT" He thought they were pretty darn funny. I'm amazed Tanner is still sticking around after the abuse he gets from these kids.

The Salt Lake Bees Game

Oakleigh, Noah and Izabelle
Alex and Me ( with Deanna and Judy in the Back)
Brent (Dad),Belle, Aunt Breana, Me and Oakleigh

Alex's folks took the whole family to see the Bees play tonight. It was fun. We had great seats, we were right behind home plate. The kids didn't even ask how much longer until the bottom of the 8th. WOW! Grandpa of course bought them everything they wanted ice cream, foam fingers and little souvenir bats (which of coarse they hit each other with.)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nickelcade YIPEE!!!!!!!

Although nickelcade isn't my favorite place, the kids love it! We decided to go there today, spur of the moment. School starts in less than a week and we just want to cram in as much fun as possible. Noah won the most tickets 300+. Oakleigh totally beat me at air hockey and sadly I didn't let her. Izabelle actually won two stuffed animals from that claw game. Really for the amount of fun they had it was worth the twenty bucks.

Our First Post

THIS IS A TEST. I have had this blog set up for a few months but have never done anything with it. My friend Jill told me to put some stuff on here, so here it goes. I have never done a blog before, so this is all new to me. I am going to try to put some of my favorite pictures of my kids up lets hope this works or I might just give up now. The first pic is of Oakleigh eating pringles on my parents gazebo. She is now 10 but is 2 in the pictures. I love this picture of her. The second pic is of Noah lovingly holding a kitten. LOL. He was also 2 in this photo but is now 8. And the last pic is of Izabelle on her 1st birthday (now age 5). She still had her red hair then. Yipee! I think I did it.