Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho Back to School They Go

Oakleigh, Noah, Izabelle and the new art teacher Ms. Reasor
(aka my cousin Jordan)

Oakleigh wearing black uniform pants

Mrs. Kuhn and Izabelle
(I think I am the only person who got the teacher they requested)

Mr. A and Noah (this year)

Mr A. and Noah (last year)

Yesterday was the kids first day back to school. There are some cool new changes this year at the school, some stupid changes and some cool things that are the same as last year. One of the cool new changes is our Awesome new art teacher Ms. Reasor, who just so happens to be my cousin as well. Another cool change this year is that Oakleigh is now considered to be in Jr. High and so she now gets to wear the Jr. High school uniform, which means she can wear black pants, black shirts and a skirt instead of a jumper plus the regular khaki pants, maroon and white polos. The stupid change this year is their "early" day is no longer as early. Last year they got out at 12:40 and this year they don't get out until 2, which is only 40 minutes earlier then the regular days. I would love to know who's brilliant idea that was. I loved early days it gave me time to do something fun with the kids. The cool thing that stayed the same is that Noah gets to have his favorite teacher Mr. A again (and probably next year too). Mr. A is a great teacher for Noah. Noah is a super smart kid and he knows it. He thinks everything he has to say is the most important thing.(Just a quick funny story. Once when Noah and I were driving in the car when Noah was three years old. Noah was showing of what a smarty he is and I turned to him and said "Noah you are so smart" and Noah replied "and cute too". LOL! he is so funny.) Anyway Mr. A does a great job at letting Noah show what a smarty he is but not letting him get out of hand. Mr. A is a funny guy and his sense of humor really appeals to Noah. I think this year is going to be a great year including for me. I am hoping with all my childless time (now that all my kids are in school full time) will be very productive. Here is hoping to actually keeping up on laundry.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Annual Guys River Trip

Every year the men in our family do a guys trip and for the last several they have been doing a river trip. It usually lasts about four days (on the Green River) and they eat like Kings. Usually Alex and my brother Brandon do most of the planning and food prep but due to Alex's schedule Brandon did most of the work. Thank You Brandon! We appreciate your hard work.

Oakleigh's Bike

Oakleigh asked for a bike for her birthday but it had to be orange. She looked on the Internet and found this bike and told us this was the one we should buy her. It is cool to have a kid old enough to do their own birthday present research. We ordered it and they sent the wrong one so we had to send it back and wait for the right one to arrive. It arrived the day after her birthday. She loves to put her puppy Oliver in the basket and take him for rides. Oh and because we bought a new camera to replace the one Alex put in a "safe" place, we of coarse found the old one (that we bought clear back in April). Now we have HIS and HER cameras.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oakleigh's 11th Birthday

Yeah! we have a camera again. Alex put our camera in a "safe" place and then couldn't remember where that "safe" place was.
Oakleigh had a Slumber Party for her Birthday. She only wanted to invite five friends so we also went to dinner at Chick-fil-a and then went to go see the movie Aliens in the Attic. When we got back from the movie we did cake and presents. For an activity we made flower barrettes, which the girls loved. We gave Oakleigh a bike that arrived a few days before her birthday but they sent the wrong one so we had to send it back. The right one should arrive today. I will take a pic and post it when it arrives, if it arrives before Alex takes the camera on his river trip.