Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fallen Officer Memorial

Today Izabelle and I went with Becca, Bridger, Maverick, and My Mom to go watch Bill stand in the place of a fallen officer at the state capital. It was really neat. Becca and I were able to meet Gov. Huntsmen and he talked to Izabelle for quite awhile about how kindergarten was going. He also mentioned how much he loved my nephew's name Maverick. We then meet Sheriff Winder of the Salt Lake County Sheriff Department, who will hopefully be Bill's boss soon if the rest of his interviews go well. Then they will be able to move back to Salt Lake.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daddy Daughter River Trip

Every summer the men on my side of the family go on a father son trip. The last two they have gone on a canoe trip down the Green River. The girls always stay at home with me and Noah goes with Alex. The girls kept asking their dad to take them on a Daddy Daughter trip so he took them on their own trip down the green this last weekend. They drove down to Moab on Friday night and spent the night at Aunt Becca's House. They got up early the next morning and had Uncle Bill drop them off on the river.They were on the river for the next three days. I think they make some pretty cute river rats with their long sleeve shirts, life jackets, and keens. Alex said they had a lot of fun except the first night it rained pretty hard. And when they got home I had a nice new car for them.

Our New Armada

While Alex was gone with the girls this last weekend, he told me to go buy us a new car. And that is what I did. We had been looking for the perfect car for months and months and I finally found it. We decided months ago we wanted a Nissan Armada LE because it has 8 seats, so we can space the kids out, a big engine that can tow easily and they just look cool. I really wanted the navigation system because it includes the backup camera which has made the transition to a bigger car very easy. I got everything I wanted on my long list ( leather, power lift gate, AUX for my ipod, one handed fold up seats and tons of space) except a dvd player (weird huh it has the nav but not the dvd) but I really want the dvd system to have the screens in the head rests so all the kids have their own screens so it wasn't that big of a deal that we didn't get it. I have been procrastinating getting a new car because I didn't want to have a car payment and I have just loved my Grand Cherokee but it was time and the jeep is 10 years old. Alex got his truck a couple years ago (that is what the canoe is sitting on behind the Armada) but I haven't had a new car for a long time so this is pretty darn exciting to me. And now when my sister comes to town we can all go together places in the same car and that is super sweet.