Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 6 Going Home

Izabelle was singing to herself and pouting that nobody wanted to play the humming game.

We were suppose to stop and stay in Las Vegas, but everyone was in a hurry to get home, so we decided to do the trip in one day. Alex was in a big hurry which would explain the picture of him with the police officer. He got of with a lecture that included a slide show on the cops itouch. It's not a road trip without being pulled over.

Day 5 Universal Studios

Universal Studios was a Blast, Literally. We had so much fun. We went on a tour and were able to see a lot of cool things like where Desperate House Wives is filmed. The kids loved the rides. I think Izabelle is a Roller Coaster Junkie. The best thing was definitely the Water World show.

Day 4 The Beach & Fishing

Sandy Feet


This looks like a weird picture of Nothing but actually if you look close there is Liz's flowers and Alex's cafe in the back. awww sweet huh?

On day 4 we went to the beach it was pretty cold but the kids didn't care they hit the ocean running. I don't think they even noticed it was raining a little.
Later that day Alex tried to book a fishing charter but the one he wanted to go on didn't start running until July so he settled for fishing off the pier. He caught that ugly fish in pics above.

Day 3 Sea World

The first full day we were in San Diego we went to Sea World. The kids had a lot of fun watching Shamu and going on all the rides. It was so nice because all of our kids are tall enough to go on all the rides. Izabelle had a slight melt down. (We are horrible because we like to take pictures of her pouting which only makes it worse I'm sure.)